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Postage Cost

Cost using Stamps or Smartstamp £0.00
Cost using a Franking Machine £0.00

Calculate Your Postage Savings when using a Franking Machine

Franking Machines Offer a Massive Saving Compared to using Stamps!

Simply insert the amount of mail items you send on average each day and see how much you can save when using a franking machine. Then view the recommended machine(s) for your mail:

*Indicated savings are based solely on postage savings and do not include the cost of purchasing / renting or running a franking machine, actual savings may vary depending on mail volumes.

How much mail do you send?

Size / Format Weight 1st Class 2nd Class
Letters 0-100g
Large Letters 0-100g
Small Parcel 0-1kg
Med. Parcel 0-1kg
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Stamp Prices

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Day Week Month Year

Franking Prices

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Day Week Month Year

Annual Labels Cost

Labels per year Cost

Recommended Franking Machines

Mailstart Plus


Up to 50 items per day



Up to 100 items per day

Mailbase Pro


Up to 200 items per day

Mailbase Plus


Up to 300 items per day

Mailbase Speed


Up to 500 items per day

Send Pro P1500


Up to 800 items per day

Send Pro P1000


Up to 1000 items per day

Send Pro P2000


Over 1000 items per day